I offer a wide variety of flexible solutions to meet the needs of church leaders.  My primary areas of expertise are developing systems of community and discipleship and the development of both lay and staff leaders.  My passion is to serve churches and ministry leaders by helping them to be more effective, and I am comfortable working with churches of all sizes.  I spent ten years at North Point Community Church helping develop their small groups system, so I am familiar with the unique needs of large churches.  Over the years I’ve also had the opportunity to work with many small churches, and as I am currently a church planter, I am very familiar with the challenges of small and startup churches. I have a variety of service options that you can choose from and will be glad to develop a custom plan to meet your specific needs.

General Service Offerings

I can work with you to create an experience for your staff or volunteer leaders using any combination of the following services. My goal is to help address the most pressing needs of your team and organization.


A vital part of developing leaders is training them well.  I am available to assist in this process by delivering training to meet whatever development need you would like to see addressed.  Whether it is addressing large gatherings at training events, facilitating breakouts, or teaching a small group of staff or volunteers, I will work with you to develop the right message for the right environment.


Our goal is to come alongside your staff and volunteer leaders to provide the insight and assistance of a third circle of leaders to help you achieve more than you could on your own. We can provide coaching assistance for your staff or even assist you by providing monthly coaching for your volunteer leaders far below the cost of hiring someone even part time locally.

Coaches help leaders discover the potential that is within them and see the possibilities of what they can accomplish.  I am available to enter into a one-on-one coaching relationship that will allow you maximum flexibility to leverage my services to guide you through that process of discovery.  Based on my experience at North Point, New Denver Church and working with other church leaders, I will help you find the best answers to the challenges facing you, based on your unique context and needs.


Sometimes it is helpful to have an objective outsider sit down with you and your leadership team to develop a plan to address your greatest challenges or opportunities.  I am available to facilitate the process of discovering where you are, where you want to go, and what the right steps are to begin moving in that direction.

Preaching and Teaching

As a founding pastor of New Denver Church I regularly communicate to our congregation as part of our teaching and preaching team. If you need a guest communicator to speak at your church – for Sunday adult worship, college or student gatherings, or any other special event – I would love the opportunity to work with you. Click here to hear samples of my teaching and preaching.

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